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ly 182

  1. walker182

    Ly 182

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone has seen this for sale and is the car known on here at all ?
  2. markerboy2002

    Brought the LY 182 and the 172 out

    Decided, after my work gave me a van in January, to bring the LY 182 out for a drive today, followed by a go in the Cessna 172. Very happy now no water comes into the foot wells, water was coming in the heater matrix (Center console). Probably the last bit of good weather this year, so I made...
  3. AcidicDavey

    AcidicDavey's Liquid Yellow 182!

    Hey all. Well well well, I went and bought a new car on Wednesday (08 June)! I put a note on said car I've had my eye on for quite a while, basically saying "I've got a 172, looking to buy a 182, would you consider selling yours?" Differently worded I admit but you get the message. Much to my...