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machine polish

  1. AndyPembs182

    Machine polishing plastic front wings

    Tomorrow I’ll be machine polishing my Clio for the first time - and I’m a little concerned about the plastic front wings and any build up of heat. I’ve got a DA polisher and will be using a Hex-Logic orange pad with Meguiars Ultimate Compound. Should I be concerned about this? Is there anything...
  2. Jme34

    buy a machine or pay for someone to do it?

    hey all, I like to make my car look shiny :cool: but with the sunshine being out more, I can see minor swirls, but lots of them, in my bonnet a lot more and its causing me a bit of heartache haha. the question being, is it worth investing in a (budget?) machine polisher (80-120 quid) or just...