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  1. S

    Two techs Dartford

    Anyone know their prices? Anyone had a large job done like timing belt and water pump or a tappet adjustment and new gaskets? I'm booked in on the 7th for a water pump inspection and a tappet job and the only quote I've been able to get is £700 from a local general mechanic. Is that about...
  2. I

    Car won’t rev when engine is on!

    hi! I’m having problems with my 2001 manual Renault Clio. When I turn the engine on and put into gear to move off, my engine won’t rev meaning my car won’t move. When it happens I turn the engine off and on again, and keep having to restart the car until it revs. It doesn’t happen all the time...
  3. L

    Alternator Replacement

    Hey, Alternator kicked the bucket today, Ive priced up a replacement and got one sorted out along with a belt but i'm having trouble removing and fitting the new one. Ive got an 04 clio dynamique 1.4 16v with AC. There isn't enough room to take it out through the top because of an AC hose so...