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mk3 facelift

  1. K

    Clicking / ticking noise when on throttle

    Recently I have noticed a strange sound coming from my clio. When I press the throttle about 1/4 I get a strange sound, I attached a video, the sound isn't there when idling or when revving but appears when I tap the throttle in neutral or when I'm in gear and throttle is more than 1/4. It's a...
  2. JKeillor94

    Mk3 Facelift Projector Lights

    Im on the hunt for a set of projector lights for my mk3. Can someone help with a link or is someone on here selling a set? PFA:
  3. L

    Clio GT mk3

    Recently bought a Clio GT. Might go red on the interior. Let me know what modifications you think would look good, not into changing the speed and that of the car as it’s a diesel so not that fast anyway.
  4. B

    Clio Mk3 Facelift - Tweeters/General Audio Question

    Hi All! I’d like to start by apologising if this thread is posted in the incorrect section - if any moderators see this post and decide to move it, be my guest. I have a 2010 Renault Clio 1.2 TCE Dynamique TomTom ... and it’s great. I love it. There’s only one thing I don’t like about it - the...