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  1. S

    Air con idler/tension pulley

    D4f 720 Need a replacement guide or just this question answered. Do you just take the nut off the front and slide it off, or do I have to secure the bolt/ 'axle' that it spins on so it doesnt drop out of the bracket? Read the manual and to tension the belt you just loosen the nut on the...
  2. Rystar

    Fuel rail guard studs and nuts?

    Hi, Anyone know the part number/price for these? My studs have both snapped, one of them has disappeared and I've got one but left so best get the full set. Any one know? Cheers
  3. Rystar

    Lost locking wheel nut key, help needed!!

    Hi Guys, I have no idea how, or when, but my locking wheel nut key is gone after and extensive search followed by anger. I know the Renault OEM locks were made by Farad, they supply replacement keys but the wait time is about 2 weeks from the continent. Now I've noticed on eBay, you can buy...