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  1. M

    Clio 182 FF Wheel Offsets

    Hi folks Wanting to get 15” Team Dynamics 1.2 wheels with Nakang NS-2R’s from the standard setup. Am I right with: 195 x 50 for tires? 7”, 4 x 100 with 45 offset for wheels? Guy at Demontweeks says 35 offset but I’ve read elsewhere on here. This car will be a track car. Cheers in advance.
  2. GrahamV182

    Another question on offset ...... sorry

    Can someone confirm that 15 x 7 et35 will fit a 2005 Clio 182? I'm looking at a cheap set of Team Dynamics for wet weather tyres. The fitment website says et35 to et38 should be ok but my current wheels are speedline with an et43? I am running quite a lot of negative camber on the front...