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oz f1

  1. F

    Wheel lug nuts specs OZ F1 CUP 16

    Hi, So I got some new set of shoes for the car, and went ahead with some 16” OZ F1 CUP ET37 The thing is the guy I bought them from forgot one lug nut I cannot for the life of me find the specs for them, anyone of you got the same wheels and know them and where to buy them from ? I kinda know...
  2. RichAwty

    Finally got one

    Yesterday I went for a lovely 4 hour drive to look at a 172 which I bought and drove back; what a car! I still have to drive my 1.2 clio until october to get my first years no claims because insuring it before that would cost me far too much. I bought it from a member on here who loved it but...