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  1. MrBlonde

    Pioneer Speakers

    Anyone got these fitted in there 172/182?. Seem pretty good replacement. Pioneer TS-G133i
  2. MrBlonde

    Mechless/DAB Headunits,which one??

    Im looking to change my standard headunit to an aftermarket one.I have upartead Alpine speakers in my cup and just want a mechless headunit and maybe one with DAB?.not after anything to fancy just a nice budget headunit prob £100 mark or so.Ive found theses ones so far and like to see whats...
  3. A

    1.2 Tce Dynamique Speaker Upgrade

    Hi, new to the forum, first post, I have a 5dr 1.2 Tce 100bhp Mk3 facelift, and was thinking of upgrading front and back speakers with Pioneer TS-R1350S (13cm), and was wondering whether anyone has fitted these or anything similar before and could tell me if these are the right size, if they are...