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  1. Chode Lint

    Best place for powdercoating wheels - Yorkshire

    Hi all I'm in need of some 18" R26 wheels powdercoating, they'll need tyres removing and new PS3'S fitting afterwards Anywhere in Yorkshire (or close to it) that has a decent reputation, it's not a showcar so I'll consider most places that aren't backstreet shacks Cheers
  2. D

    172 project

    Just thought I would start a thread, I have had a R plate 1.4, 53 plate 1.2 dynamique, 04 plate 1.6 16v, 02 plate BG 172 in the past, I know have an Astra gtc but an iceberg silver 172 project, I got it for nothing but needed a bottom end so just decided to replace the engine, I have brand new...