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  1. Rystar

    Seeking Guidance - Steering Rack won't line back up, any tips?

    Hi All, I'm in the middle of replacing my subframe as I managed to bend the original one going over a curb in the snow. I've used the opportunity to upgrade all the front bushings to powerflex black and fit a new starter motor, fit s 182 manifold and link pipe. Now I've got the old subframe...
  2. L

    Steering rack Hi Pressure piping.

    Can anyone point me to a set of these for sale. For reference its the all metal curved piping on the rack its self. Mines split...
  3. MrBlonde

    Steering Rack Guide

    Looking to change my steering rack this weekend,i have access to a ramp and tools so thats half the battle done rather than on the ground.I have done a search and cant find much on this topic,so has anyone got a guide or any help on how to change the steering rack please?.its for a 172 cup if...
  4. J

    Leaking PAS steering rack gaitor

    So after introducing myself on the new members page, my first post is a big problem. I noticed I had a leak and after jacking the car up there is a crack in the steering rack gaiter on the passenger side. There's power steering fluid leaking out. I've topped up approx 0.5l of pas fluid in 24...
  5. edwarj123

    Steering rack replacement

    Hi, At low speeds turning the steering wheel makes a bit of a creaking sound, doesn't seem to affect steering. Thought it might be a drop link but mechanic says its the rack Worth getting one off eBay from a breaker? Recon one or non Renault new one? Thanks, Justin