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rb 182

  1. Advikaz

    What Colour 2118's for RB 182????????

    I still can't decide. Feel free to post pics..............................................
  2. D

    Clio 182 exhaust

    I have a standard 2005 RB182. Once o have freshened up the suspension and brakes etc I am wanting to put a cat back on. I want something that isn't screaming in my ear all the time but still gives pop and a bang now and again. Any recommendations?
  3. D

    New 182 owner

    Yesterday me and @Lokkdogg went to pick up my first ever Renault. Clio 182 in racing blue. Needs a few bits and pieces doing to it so hopefully ill be able to get some help from you guys!
  4. MrBlonde

    RB 182

    Keep seeing a RB 182 on my way to Ware in the mornings. Its not @Dr Jekyll Before anyone says