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rs 200

  1. Addison

    Addy's RB 200 Project

    Hi All, I've recently started a project thread on the 197 forum but since also just joining here I thought I would share my progress whilst it's a new thread! First of all, I'm glad to be back in a 200 after a year and a half, even more so after being ultimately forced to sell my previous one...
  2. H

    Clio RS 200 - Age 21 - Insurance - MakerStudy???

    Hi, So recently I have been calling every insurance company I know and will list the outcomes below. I’m 21 ,3 years driving, 3 years NCB I have had some good quotes but all have issues and I am wanting to know if I should go with one. Green Light - can’t Insure Sky Insurance - £1260 (with...