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rs tuner

  1. Advikaz

    Kent: could someone code out airbag lights for me ?

    Anyone in Kent got an RS tuner or know somewhere I can get airbag lights coded out on my 182 ? Happy to shoot you a few squid £ Thanks in advance,
  2. M-H 182

    Rs tuner fault code

    I've got a fault code on the RS tuner - 'DF0007 - internal Temperature sensor - open circuit' Is this the coolant temp sensor? It's being flagged up by the 'HVAC' (Climate control) ecu, not the 'ECM - engine control module'.
  3. Speedy300

    RS Tuner - ECU issue

    Help needed! I have a major issue regarding my ECU as a result of trying to upload the RS Tuner program '98 Ron performance map' to my Clio 182. As far as I am aware the correct file was used. We backed up the original ECU file and then the Calibration file. We then tried to upload the RS...