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  1. Advikaz

    Which RS Tuner???????

    Hi guys, Thinking about getting an RS tuner. Seems like a good idea considering I’m balls deep in this project, Website has three versions: Which ones the one to get????? Am I right in thinking that you have to buy modules...
  2. Treadless

    200t EDC Fastchip RSTuner Problems

    So after months of deliberation I decided to go against all common sense and instead of making the 10 mile trip to RS tuning (I live on the outskirts of Leeds) I thought i'd save myself a bit of time and money and get an RSTuner by Fastchip. I'd read good things about the RSTuner and Fastchip...
  3. Leonardo

    Does my car have RSTuner?

    Hi Is any way of checking whether my car has already been remapped using RSTuner? I was thinking of remapping but that would obviously be a complete waste of money if it has already done! Thanks