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  1. M

    recaro CS's on eBay

    Realistically how much are these worth? Driver's side bolster previously repaired but overall look good
  2. 130.JPG


    Williams 0155 interior
  3. N

    Will Seats from Mk2 Clios fit the Clio Campus

    I have a 2007 Clio Campus and I was wondering whether the rear seats would fit into my campus from a regular Mk2 Clio that wasn’t of the campus spec?
  4. R

    Sparco R100 seat fitting

    Hello all, I recently test fitted one of my Sparco R100 sports seats to my Clio 172 cup but when fitted, it sits about an inch higher than the standard seat, when I was hoping it would be lower or at least the same as I want a better driving position in the car (photo attached). I'm running...
  5. J

    Clio Seats

    Hello guys. I own a 5 door clio mk3 1.2 and I’m not keen on the original seats. I purchased a set of clio sport seats from the mk2 172 Edition. These feel a lot nicer and add a sportier edge with their bucket style. Unsure if they will fit or not, has anyone else done this or similar conversions.
  6. P

    Rear Seat Won't Fold!

    I want to remove the rear seats in my MK2 ph2 Clio. I've been able to remove the bottom portion (dead straightforward) and I've been able to fold the 2/3 section but the latch on the remaining 1/3 is stuck with the release button pushed in all the way already. Can anyone help? I'll add photos...
  7. G

    OMP Seat Sliders

    Hi, Recently I have bought and fitted some OMP seats / subframes and fitted them to my clio 172. The only issue is that the driver seat is far too close for me (I'm 6'3). If I bought the OMP sliders would this allow the seat to go further back, or is the position they are in just now the...
  8. CL1O

    will clio 200 seats fit in a mk3 non sport?

    Want to buy some 200 seats non recaro ones been told it will fit my mk3 but will have a problem with mounting my bottom bit of my selt belt as mine doesnt have the thin rail mines bolted to my seat for some reason.
  9. A

    RHD to LHD seats

    Hello, Could you guys please tell me is there is any ability to convert RHD seat to LHD (RHD one is a bit higher and there is no ability to lower it)? Cheers
  10. Joe Wootten

    Fixing side mounts

    Hi all, I'm fitting some sidemounted fixed back seats into my car, looking for advice as I can't seem to find any info on what size or type of fixing to mount the side teams to the subframe that then bolts to the floor. Can I just bolt the two together with a high tensile bolt a lock nut and a...
  11. dj mick kay

    Bits for sale

    Hi all A few bits on flea bay that I've got for sale 172 rear bumper arctic blue 172/182 rear seats 172/182 door cards MkII front side passenger wing in black...
  12. A

    OEM Seat Swap

    Just wondered if anyone could shed some light on seats that will fit in my mk3 clio. Been looking at the uprated rs197 seats or megane sport leather seats Pretty new on this forum so go easy on me!