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  1. B

    172 Temp sender issues

    Hello guys. I'm having some trouble figuring out a coolant temp sender issue. Temp gauge stays low all the time, fans working all the time and for about 2 mins after I shut the car off. Checked on diag for live data and its steady at -40°c. Sensor changed, wires to the ecu checked for...
  2. H

    Poor ignition when warm

    Hi all, Firstly I’ve had a little search through the forum but can’t seem to find much on this issue. I’ve recently picked up my first Clio Sport 172, all belts and pulleys have just been replaced by a specialist. From cold the car starts fine from the first turn of the key. However, once it...
  3. Andy_in_Ireland

    using resistor on front Lambda sensor?

    Hello - I have heard of people putting in a resistor on the plugs of certain senors to fool the engine and make the orange engine light on the dash go out , can this be done with the Lambda sensor (pre-cat/front)? if so what size resistor is needed and (there are 4wires to the Lambda - pretty...
  4. M

    Clio mk3 - Xenon and leveling sensors

    Hello everybody, I would like to ask a question. I will retrofit xenon in my Clio mk3 phase I. I will make instalation 100% legal with complete leveling sensors system. I know it is necessary to change the headlight ECU. I already brought one used from a Clio RS 197. I would like to know if I...
  5. MrBlonde

    172 Cup Alarm Not Working

    I have been trying to find some information on here but not having much luck,thing is my alarm does not seem to be working.The central locking works and the indicators flash.The LED by the gear stick does not light or flash,i have also tried sitting in the car and having the windows down to set...