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  1. Shadow Sport UK

    SHOW & SHINE ENTRIES - Clio Sport Festival - Hosted by Shadow Sport UK

    SHOW&SHINE 2018 - CLIOSPORT FESTIVAL @ BLYTON ENTRIES NOW OPEN - SEE BELOW Shadow Sport UK will be hosting and judging the new show and shine aspect to the Festival Event. We will be picking from all entrants, a select few to display on the show and shine section of the event, and be in...
  2. MrBlonde

    Show Rear Cage

    Im thinking of doing a rear show cage for my cup,as i dont use the rear seats & ive taken one bench out & made it all flat. So i was thinking of doing a show cage as it would just look cool sprayed in Mondial Blue. So has anyone or even ever fitted a show rear cage?. Just after photos,where to...
  3. rem1859

    A few photos from FCS 2017 Donington Park

    Thought I'd share a few photos taken yesterday at French Car Show 2017. My son is an avid photographer so as usual came armed with his camera. Here is a pic of the stand, my car on far left having come back in after track time: He shot a few Clios flying by the pits on the long straight too...