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  1. Cookie

    Cookie's 2013 E63 AMG

    No thread asking what car I should buy this time, because until last week (maybe Thursday) I was 100% going to buy an E90 M3 (because @Sir_Dave got in my head) Then @Scrooge linked to a nice looking E63 that was far away. So naturally I abandoned months of completing AutoTrader looking for M3's...
  2. Cookie

    Cookie's 2009 Honda Civic Type R GT

    Details of car: 2009 (09 plate) Has done 98k or so Red Few dings and scrapes (one of the sideskirts needs painting because someones touched it up with the wrong f**king colour paint, idiots) Looks like a rock hit the bonnet and again, they've touched it up with the wrong colour paint. Rest of...
  3. Cookie

    Cookie's Golf R32

    Hai. Finally, a new car. 61k, 3 previous owners I think. Appears to have been reasonably well looked after (aside from a few issues that I need to get resolved) Obviously I'm a fan of going full Skittles, so it's already broken. Hopefully just a duff wheel bearing, but we'll see. Bought it...