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  1. Jimjam930

    Loud rattle

    Hi everyone, I had all the belts and dephaser done at rensport a few weeks ago, and on its first time out it developed a quiet rattle coming from the drivers side engine bay, both I and rensport were concerned so I had it trailered there. They said they found a bit of plastic near the...
  2. MaxB

    OEM Front speaker differences

    Are there any differences between the front speakers in a sport and a non-sport Clio? I came across some ones from a guy who was breaking a 172 on eBay the other day and noticed how they were completely different to the ones in my non-sport and appeared to have bigger magnets. Also is there any...
  3. MrBlonde

    Sound Barrier Material

    Anyone used Sound Barrier Material in the boot or anywhere to reduce the drone booming exhaust sound at 70/80mph? This stuff..