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  1. HB0W3N

    Is there going to be any meets in the southwest? (after lockdown is over)

    Just wondering if anyone has planned any meets after lockdown is over i cant seem to find anything.
  2. Elliott85

    Greetings all

    Hi there, New 182 owner here having recently purchased one following a lengthy search for my dream Clio. Not generally into the whole social media online chat kind of thing but felt I'd like to contribute having enjoyed reading through details of other members vehicles. Have found this site...
  3. Sambo2016

    Cornwall meets 2016

    Hi all, new member to this site and a new clio owner. I was looking to find a thread which mentioned meets happening in 2016 but found nothing so thought I would start a new thread and see who is active and still about in Cornwall. I was hoping there could be a meet arranged as I would be...