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stealth exhaust

  1. I

    PH2 172 stealth exhaust - how many are there? and which one!

    As the title suggests I’d like to know what choices there are (currently, Feb 2020) looking for something quiet, and not too chav looking :unsure: My car is a 172 cup (so ph2) and I think it currently has a straight through exhaust with some backward pointing tips on the current back box...
  2. Carlos_2017

    Ktec stealth

    Hi guys, Only me, back at it again with the simple questions 😂 I bought a stealth system about a month ago, I've only just had the time to attempt to fit it. Upon opening the box, I realised there is no way to hang the back box?! Is there not supposed to be a band/bracket for the...
  3. t90_lle

    Turbo Monaco 172

    I've got my build thread but thought I'd post some pics in here for a change since not everyone reads projects :up: A few shots with @182_steve super clean 182.