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  1. avstar1

    Help identify this stealth exhaust on a 172

    I've not seen anything like it before and theirs no markings or clues. Stealth with no resonator box and almost looks like a one piece jobbie...
  2. I

    PH2 172 stealth exhaust - how many are there? and which one!

    As the title suggests I’d like to know what choices there are (currently, Feb 2020) looking for something quiet, and not too chav looking :unsure: My car is a 172 cup (so ph2) and I think it currently has a straight through exhaust with some backward pointing tips on the current back box...
  3. I

    Want a nice exhaust system for my 172

    My 172 is currently fitted with some kind of chav box! Have had a quick search online but can’t seem to find anything? What’s the best / quietest / most hidden exhaust available that won’t destroy the bank? I was leaning towards wanting a ktec stealth (resonated?) but I couldn’t find one...