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    MK3 Clio 07 REG stereo

    Hi all , I’m new here . I have a Clio MK3 07 REG , I’m wanting to change my stereo as it’s abit plain and not very technical , I also want to play music from my phone . I have the iPhone XR so I don’t have a head phone Jack . Any recommendations on what stereo is best for my car or any...
  2. 1

    Can’t enter stereo code?!?

    I have just bought the original stereo for my 182 and I am trying to install it I’ve got it all plugged in and ready to go but my screen won’t display anything not code or 0000 how do I sort this? Many thanks
  3. C

    New Sony stereo fitment

    Hi, I got a Clio 182 which has an aftermarket stereo, and the steering wheel buttons don't work, is there any way to get them working again? Or do they only work with the original stereo Cheers