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  1. Ferds

    Bought a 182 Cup, trackday already booked

    Alright Guys, Never posted on here but visit a lot, sold my mk.2 dci65 that was on its way out after spending a small fortune fixing and modding it. Had to scratch the itch of a sport. Ended up going for a BG 182 cup. What can people tell me about the car? REG AU05 YJB. I'll be posting...
  2. 20vKarlos

    Up to Date - Sussex List

    Right lads... We're not far off 2017, so I thought I'd start the list of peeps in the Sussex area. Mainly to see how many of us there are, and we could then organise meets and convoys etc :up: So, I'll start with the following format So we can keep things neat. Please copy into your reply...