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tdc sensor

  1. H

    Poor ignition when warm

    Hi all, Firstly I’ve had a little search through the forum but can’t seem to find much on this issue. I’ve recently picked up my first Clio Sport 172, all belts and pulleys have just been replaced by a specialist. From cold the car starts fine from the first turn of the key. However, once it...
  2. rupes1351

    Low/rough idle 500-600 RPM Clio 172?? Recent coil pack, leads and sparks...

    Hi, Recently bought a Renault Clio 172. Once going runs great, pulls hard in all gears. Only problem is it seems to be idling low around 500-600 and sounding like it could cut out. It starts first time and hasn't yet actually cut out when idle but never gets about 600ish rpm. Looked in paperwork...