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wheel bearing

  1. B

    Rear wheel bearing

    Hello all , I had my rear wheel bearing done roughly 2 months ago ( only the one side for money reasons) since then in the past week or two I've noticed a similar sound as if the bearings is going on the same side after having gone to Santa pod and back ( roughly 200 miles total). Is there any...
  2. Carlos_2017

    Clio 172 rear wheel bearing

    Hi all, Went to change my rear discs earlier, upon removal of the drivers side, lots of broken pieces of metal fell out. I carried on reassembling the brakes, and then got the hub nut tight, still some wobble in the disc somewhere. Is there a spacer or something I’m missing?! Thanks in advance!!
  3. James363

    Wheel bearing fitting

    Hi, after doing my wheel bearings, I am left with a press I don't have too much use for. If anyone wants front/rear wheel bearings pressing in contact me, as I'm looking to cover the cost of my press, or at least justify having it set up in my garage. Cheers!