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  1. F

    N/s/f window replacement

    Evening all. I recently had trouble with my key fob not doing its literal one job and allowing me to risk my life on the roads. After discovering the physical key does not open the only lock, replacing the annoyingly difficult to find battery, and attempting the whole coat hanger to abort the...
  2. R

    Squeal from front windows 2014 Renault Clio

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone on here could help me with this: I drive a 2014 Renault Clio and when I reach speeds of 50mph or over, I get a squeal from the windows. If I open the window slightly the wind noise goes away. Another way, not practical, to stop the noise is to hold/apply pressure...
  3. A

    Passenger Window Fault ph2 182

    ive just got my 182 and the drivers side window works perfectly but the passenger window doesnt go all the way down it only goes 3/4....anyone know of any problems or what can be wrong and how i could fix this....cheers