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  1. AdDaMan

    Skull And Bones

    Did anyone play the open beta? I wasnt sure at first but after about 2 hours, i LOVED this game. Maxxed out the beta ranks just before it ended and have pre ordered the premium version (absolute joke of a price btw!) Anyone else?
  2. Gally

    Android Game Pass / X Cloud

    In similar vein to the above video, I’ve been majorly impressed by the xcloud beta. I cast from my note 10+ 5G to my tv and it’s been amazing so far. Essentially it’s cost nearly nothing for me to get up and running. The lack of downloads and updates etc are amazing. Stadia is better but misses...
  3. DeeKay86

    Xbox Series X|S - OFFICIAL News!

    It finally happened! Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed the Xbox Series S, which will hit shelves in the UK on November 10th for £249! An Absolute BARGAIN! Today, Microsoft confirmed the price of the Xbox Series X... £449!!! HOW!! I was expecting it to cost upwards of £550! This is an insane price...
  4. DeeKay86

    E3 2017!

    We need this thread! Microsoft has had their briefing - as have Ubisoft and EA. Sony is up next at 2am! If you missed the Microsoft show, you can catch up on YouTube or watch my short review here: Happy gaming everyone! E3 so far has been fantastic!!
  5. welshname


    Anyone play the beta of this? Just purchased it today as I loved the beta. Can't wait to get home and play for a few hours. Awesome game and great fun rather than stressful to play. Was really surprised how Blizzard have pulled off an FPS game.
  6. Jack!

    The Gaming Thread (General Gaming Jibba Jabba)

    I know we normally have individual threads for the big AAA titles, but thought it would be good if we had a general thread for discussion of smaller titles that don't demand their own thread or just general news in the gaming world etc. Not system (PC/Console/other) specific. Most of the...
  7. Jack!

    Game you're most eagerly anticipating in 2016

    Following on from the thread by @SharkyUK. Don't just reel off a list of all the games you're excited about, we all know there are some great games coming out in 2016. Just pick one and give a reason why you've picked it. For me it's Dark Souls 3. I love the Souls games, a lot of people are...
  8. G

    Tekken 7

    It's going to be big Not entirely sure that Akuma needs to transfer between canon like this, but the possibility of Raging Demon against Lee Chaolan is appealing.