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  1. H

    Yellow stock/uprated front brake callipers?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post so I hope it is in the right place?. I have a black Clio Campus Sport (although looks more like a normal mk2) with a few minor cosmetic mods and was starting to think about brakes, as my rear drums are rusty and horrible and front callipers are also fairly...
  2. T

    Yellow DCi mk2 phase 2

    Hi to you all.My car is Clio mk2 ph2 2002 1.5DCi 65hp. (La poste one with 167k on dash) Car is with me for two years and first year and 6-7 months i didnt do a thing on it :) Now i started modding it.It has alessio 15'' 7j rims with 175/55 front and 185/55 rear tyre's,Seats from renault...
  3. TomSmith123


    Just curious to know how many people have LY cars. Post a picture below and where you are from.