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200sx forum :). Think i started something.

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Well Im not a member of that forum and cant be bothered to get registered, but if you post something else on there, then you can tell them Ive caned a 200SX quite easily in my poxy little hatchback although quite what that makes a 200sx I dont know - poxy big hatchback that handles like an office chair?
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We test drove a 200SX the other day, in standard form they are true boats. 1.8 turbo, with boaty suspension. Tunable, and look good with a nice body kit on also.

Im sorry but I wouldnt think twice about trying to out handle a 200SX on a track, on A-roads or on B-roads. Even in a straight line Id give it a go, itll never blow you away!

On a track or twisty road it would be fun. In a staight line they are faster. Once modded tho I would not bother. Theres just so much more tuning potential in a turboed car.


those 200 sxs are pretty quick and handle well in the dry. im not getting into the whole 172 vs this that and the other debate, im sure its fairly close between the two.
however i drive a 306 s16 which is admittedly slower than a 172 but is probably a match for handling (i dont know cause im too far behind when we reach the corner!) i did get the opportunity to race a 200sx in the wet and it was hilarious. it turns from this squat mean looking thing into a deer on ice. it really looked a handful and i beat it quite comfortably, there is no grip on the back end of these things - is was fishtailing at no more than 15 or 20 mph on a the roundabouts whenever tried to put the power down.

my cups comin soon and whether its heavier or lighter or not well specced enough or whatever im sure itll be a hoot to drive.


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Hello Pugboy, where are you? At the beginning of this year I sold an S16 to get my 172. What is yours like? Mine was Sigma blue and was lowered, K & N induction kit, twin lights front and back, TSW Evo Rs, Scorpion exhaust etc and was immaculate as it was polished every week! I actually know someone who is now looking for an S16!

i live near stockport. my car is sigma blue also but completely standard. its a 94 M plate with 77k and never misses a beat. just time for a change. get your friend to e-mail me and ill give him/her full details if theyre interested. (

so how do you rate the 172 vs the s16 then. ive had alot of fun in mine and have surprised a few faster machines on backroads. ar there any unreliability probs with the 172 particularly apart from the usual frenchness?

hiya pugboy

you seem to have got hold of a decent s16, i had one before i got my 172, but to be honest it was a bit of a pig. bought it for 8K and in 3 years spent 6K keeping it on the road. i got the 172 after i dropped a valve in the pug caining it against me mates rst. the pug was sweet round the bends though which i miss cos my 172 seems to be on auto-pilot sometimes and thinks we should go straight over mini roundabouts rather than around them.
how much are you selling it for because one of my mates wants one to play with and keeps telling me that the s16 lump is better to tune then the gti-6 one.


i guess i just change the oil regularly and keep an eye on the coolant level to make sure she keeps running sweet and not too hot. the only probs ive had are with ignition coils burning out (usually about once a year) but theyre not expensive - bout 30 quid from euro car parts. im open to reasonable offers around 3400. ive got two months before my clio cup comes so id rather get rid of her before then if poss.


ok mate

ill speak to my mate on friday when he gets bcak from the states and let u know.
my coils kept goin down too, but when 1 went it ment the others would go within a week so i kept changing all 4, and at the local dealer cos most mechanics wouldnt touch it so it was a bit pricey, thats half the reason i didnt get another pug.
so got a reno instead! doh!


ive found one dealer really crap and one good. ive had alot of probs with county motors, stockport, but cooksons in macc much better. i find the dealers are ok if you can talk to the proper mechanic - the older bloke whos been around pugs for years and thinks a little before plugging it straight into the electronic mis-diagnosis machine!

ive had them tell me its an oxy probe and actually change it when ive specifically asked them to check the coils first and then you have to face some half-wit receptionist tell you that "with respect sir, youre not a mechanic"

how are renault dealers then, any decent ones on the manchester area that you/any of your clio buddies know about.

let me know what your mate reckons to the s16.



i bought my car from Renault Oldham, the salesman Liam is very helpful, but the service department are not great, took my car in for them to fix my seat, they fixed it after the 3rd attempt and not once did it come back valeted.

had similar probs where i would report a problem and all theyld do is stick it on the poxy machine then give me a list of things that needed to be sorted, didnt find a decent pug dealer to go to, and smaller local garages just got pissed of with the car cos most of the parts where main dealer only so they would end up having my car sat there for a week or more, which just pissed them off more and cost me in the end!
as for a decent renault garage, im a afraid im a bit of a masacist, my sis had a reno 19 16v cab which was almost as bad as my s16 in terms of reliabilty, but i basically spent 3 years battling them to sort that out everytime it went wrong.
but when i got my 172 i only bought is cos me local dealer which was a franchise was taken over by reno uk which i thought would mean they would now know about the cars. but alas ive had my 172 for 4 months and i have fallen out with the garage agian because my car has been in to them 3 times in the last 6 weeks to have the screenwasher bottle replaced but they keep getting the wrong one in!!! aahhh!!, so now im also looking for a decent garage!!

oh, i forgot to say im in north london, so i would know of any garages near you but if you post a message on here im sure youll get some joy.