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alien green 203 reg CL10GRN

  '10 Clio200+RSdCi175
Hi, I'm looking to buy an alien green 203. Reg is CL10GRN, anyone knows if it's a clean car?
It's in Spain and lhd converted


ClioSport Club Member
Wait what? It's a UK car that's been exported and converted? Or hasn't been officially exported yet?
It's last mot here was December 2018 at 37887 miles. No major faults on any of its Mot tests here. Looks like it left the UK sometime in 2019 as there's no records then.
Registration search on here finds a couple of spotted posts and a link to it for sale at a garage in 2015. Seems no owners have been on here.
Try asking on Facebook owners pages.
  '10 Clio200+RSdCi175
yeah, it's been in Spain for a year and a half. Still with UK plates.
The idea behind converting to lhd before registering in Spain is that f you do it after you've to pass an expensive homologation procedure.