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Angel eyes

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep

Think youre going to have to bite the bullet and be the first in the club Shaun, something to be proud of! Im sure youd sell them easily if you didnt like them.
  A well built VW

Need the bulb holders first tho John !!!!!!!!

Im sure someone posted pics before from a german site but i cant find them

You may be right tho biting the bullet

still waitting for them to come!:cry: they said 2 week that was last monday,so they should be here this week...hopefully:D

nope just got the standard round ones at the moment,i did buy some dual optics but sold them! just hope these angle eyes are going to look alright :confused:

phoned up essex racing on monday about my lights because i still had not heard anything...they told me its gona be another 7 days! :sick:

Hi did you get the lights from essex racing - mine took ages to arrive! Now cant figure out how to fit them! Can anyone help? Can get the old ones off, but cant figure out what goes where on the new ones as they came with no instructions!