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Anglesey Circuit, 24/06/2012


ClioSport Club Member
I popped over to Anglesey yesterday to watch a bit of racing. Got there late after a heavy night so I missed a good few races and all of practice.

Managed to get a few OK shots. There was the Ford XR challenge, Irish global lights championship, Scottish Legends Car Championship & Irish Touring Car Championship that I managed to get shots of.

The circuit has changes massively since the last time I was there (about 15 years ago) and is really spectator friendly. Will be looking at a few more races this year as its only an hour down the road.

Anyway, some of the *better* shots.


Pog Brookfield - Ford Fiesta XR2 by A_Cro, on Flickr


Peter Futers - Ford Escort XR3i by A_Cro, on Flickr


Behan (57) Fitzpatrick (11) Braden (69) - Global GT Light by A_Cro, on Flickr


Ben Conway - Global GT Light by A_Cro, on Flickr

Not sharp at all but I quite like the shot -


Ivor Miller - Global GT Light by A_Cro, on Flickr


Robert Savage - Honda Integra by A_Cro, on Flickr

Rest of them can be found here

All shot with a Canon 550d & 55-250 IS lens. Converted in Lightroom, some of them have been cropped and converted to mono.

C&C appreciated.