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Anyone able to get me a Renault parts/wiring diagram of a Kangoo dashboard?


ClioSport Club Member
Evening guys,
Not a Clio but a Kangoo, Ive got a 2018 Kangoo im looking at retro fitting the Renault R-link into for android auto.

From hours scouring foreign eBay I can see that I think I need 3x parts:
  • Screen (part no 2591 567 61R)
  • Head unit (part no 2811 530 06R)
  • Control box I believe this has the sim card (labelled Boitier telematique) (part no 2827 520 28R)
My current Kangoo just has a Bluetooth/DAB head unit with built in screen on the headunit (part no 2811 507 71R)

Where I'm looking for a little help or a diagram is to clear up a few things:
  1. Where does the control box 2827 520 28R live?!
  2. Do R-link and non R-link models have different dash looms or is there just a few extra cables running from the head unit to the screen?
If it helps my non R-link reg is: WK68 KWR and one fitted with R-link is EU18 PYF

looking to swap from this:

To this setup: