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B14 Nyloc Nuts

  Clio RS 200
I have bought a set of used Bilstein B14 shocks to go on my Clio 200. I want to replace the nyloc nuts that go on the top of each shock.

I am looking for 2 M9 x 1mm nyloc nuts, and 2 M12 x 1.25mm nyloc nuts.

Bilstein have told me that they can supply the 4 nuts at the price of £5 each.

I have had a good search online but cannot find any M9 x 1mm nyloc nuts.

Can any point me to a web site where I can get these 4 nuts for less than £20?


ClioSport Club Member
  BMW 320d- 172 cup
Beleive they may be fitted to some push bikes m9x1, I need 2 also