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Central locking not working


ClioSport Club Member
Hi guys

Clio 182, central locking stopped working, the car has been laid up for two years, has been charged and started regular during that period and the C/L has always worked.

Today, was polish day, but found the C/L has stopped working, It does not respond to the key fob, tried the spare fob and same result, the passenger side key does not activate the C/L either.

Everything else appears normal, e.g. car starts and runs, no funny lights.

Is there away to diagnose the problem, I am thinking a bad connection or fuse at this point, any ideas of what to look for? Is there anything else on same circuit as the C/L?



ClioSport Club Member
Just to add, as I couldn't edit the above.....
Have checked a couple of fuses in interior panel which relate to the C/L and they are OK.

The C/L dash button works fine, and opening interior doors cancels the C/L all as normal, and it looks like all other electrics work as normal.

Am I correct that the C/L is fired when Passenger door is locked with the key?


ClioSport Club Member
Just to get up to date on this for others who may come across this problem, no-one has any idea or cares it would seem!

NO, the passenger door key does NOT fire the central locking.

I found you can still lock the car using the dash switch, and exiting passenger side and lock with key, I was worried I could be locked out or trigger alarm, immobiliser still appears to be set this way and I could get back in by passenger key without a problem.

I checked on 433 MHz and both keys were not emitting any RF, one completely dead and the another with very low output, so ordered some new batteries, hey presto.....

The fact that both keys went u/s at same time threw me, all OK now, doh......

Lessons learned:-
Passenger key does not trigger central locking system.
Key does NOT require battery to work with immobiliser ring. e.g. engine will start..
If C/L dash switch works and engine starts, then suspect key battery.