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Centre Caps

A renault dealer?

I would also see about getting your reg number engraved on the edge (or stamped) so that any thieving little scumbag who wants to nick them will be picked up as you know its yours!


microdot or datatag them?

but for centre caps!

keep buying them at auto jumbles......then youll never run out.

or lock them on!


take them down to your local key cutter and get them engraved, they use to cost 26 quid each but have probably gone up, thats over 100 quid for 4 if some thieving scrote nicks em.... cost you about a quid to get your reg number put on one of the fins that hold it onto the wheel.

  320d M Sport

whats the point in d/taggin when you first have to find the scum who nicked it in the first place?! Almost impossible i would have said?


exactly, either wy you mark would you find the damn things.......

i only said datatagging as it gets the police involved.......

Theft is still theft though guys, in most cases the culprit is local and if you find one with your reg number on someone elses car i think id take them back and ensure he needs more than center caps when he gets back to his car (like a tow to the garage to inflate his under inflated tyres).


(honestly im not vindictive but ive had this done to me, the center caps, and replacing them isnt cheap, and i was the ONLY person in the area with a Phase 2 R19 16v but there was a 5gtt that had 2 of these alloys fitted..... work that one out!)
  320d M Sport

Thats fair enought then, wouldnt take a genius! Obviously a bright spark..... should have weighed him in!


Ok, Im not happy!

£27.03 later, and over a week of waiting I picked up my centre cap from Renault this afternoon only to find out it was a bloody plastic replacement!

Its looks 90% the same, but it doesnt fit as nicely as the metal ones!

Never mind though, hopefully will get my 17"s in the summer!

I wish id have read this post earlier, i lost one and got them from"> (i think thats his e mail address)

i think his user name on here is pmitchell, he breaks most renos and is well worth chatting to for replacements (they are cheaper then reno)

its boll*cks when you lose one cos the car looks sh*t with out it.

hope this is of help