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Clio 3 RS200

Hi Guys & Girls,
Just wanted some advice/thoughts on a Clio 3 RS200 I might be thinking about buying.
The car in question is a 2012/62 Clio 3 RS200 having covered just under 38,000 miles with 3 previous owners.
My one big concern about the car is its service history or should I say its lack of service history.
The car is 8+ years old but has only had 2 documented services (2014 & 2017) undertaken at a main Renault dealer.
There is also no record in its 8+ year life to say the car has had its dephaser, timing belt & water pump replaced.
Is this car, with its lack of service history, one to walk away from do you think?
I always try & look for a full service history when buying a used car as to me this shows the car has been looked after.
The car is for sale at circa £8,000.