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Clio DCI 65 or 80?

  Nissan March G#
Hello everyone, I hope you're all well this evening :)
I'm looking for a sensible daily driver to keep the March off the road for winter while I have some work done, and restore her back to her former glory. If anyone's interested and it's not against the rules, I can link my build thread on the Micra Sports Club, although nothings changed yet.
Here she is (was, picture taken in 2013)

On to the Clio discussion which is what we're all here for!
I've found the Clio DCI whilst browsing Slamber-City at work, and found it's good on insurance, very good on fuel, and tax. Looks pretty good, and I've heard nothing but good things about the owners clubs ;)
I'd quite like one in the next month or so.
I'd like your advice on what model to be looking for. There is a significant price difference in the 65, 80 and 100. What are they like to drive? Does the 65 feel too slow? 0-60 times suggest it's about on par with a 1.0 Micra. Would a remapped 65 be a better bet than paying out for a 80? Thoughts and feedback highly appreciated.
Thanks everyone, have a good evening.


ClioSport Admin
Hi and welcome.

My dads old do 65 was the slowest thing in the world. It was however, a proper drift slut. (Which is partly why it's no longer with us)

The 80 iirc has a bigger intercooler, turbo and injectors over the 65 getting the extra power.

I don't know whether the 100 is just a remap away but, @Martin_172 swears by his old mapped 100.

125bhp and 180ft lb I think he quoted.

The 100 is hands down the model I'd be going for followed by the 80.

The 65 wouldn't get a look in
  Nissan March G#
Talking remaps:
Clio 2
Model Original BHP Remap Science BHP Original nm Remap Science nm
Renault Clio DCI 1.5 101 101 hp 126 hp 200 nm 250 nm
Renault Clio DCI 1.5 65 65 hp 85 hp 160 nm 200 nm
Renault Clio DCI 1.5 82 82 hp 107 hp 185 nm 225 nm "

I'm not sure how accurate these figures are, but it suggests sensible power is a remap away...
But I take it that's a vote for the 80.
In an ideal world I'd have a 100 - but they're just too expensive, and this is just a car to get me to work and back. I don't need it to be fast or fun, that's what the March is for.
Less money spent on a Clio, the more goes into the March!! :)
Thanks for your reply.
  Nissan March G#
No bother :smiley:

How much do the dcis go for? I've not actually looked tbh.
Rough price guide from what I've seen currently for sale. As you can see, quite a price difference, although the insurance is all the same, and I assume the tax would be too?
100's - £1500 - £2500
80's - £800 - £1500
65's £300 - £800


ClioSport Admin
Rough price guide from what I've seen currently for sale. As you can see, quite a price difference, although the insurance is all the same, and I assume the tax would be too?
100's - £1500 - £2500
80's - £800 - £1500
65's £300 - £800

That's 172 money!

Not 172 economy mind.

I can't comment on the tax although my parents' dci 80 meg is £30 per year iirc


ClioSport Club Member
I had a 100, eventually running 130hp/190lbft and it was proper fast for what it was and done 60mpg easily daily.
ive got an 80 running 110hp/175lbft at the moment, its a better daily to be honest, but id have either or, don't rule out a good 80 and go for a ropey condition 100.

my mate has a standard 100 and its neck and neck with my 80 until well over a tonne, the 80 has better gear ratios and is nicer on the motorway, cheaper and easier for driveshafts and can be converted to run full 172/182 widetrack if you require.

economy wise both are much the same, 80 is £20 a year road tax and 100 and 65 are £30

Id avoid a 65 purely as they arnt much cheaper but are a bit slower

any questions, fire them away, ive owned all 3 along with a mk3 DCi 106 and a mk4 DCi 90
  Clio 182
Had a 65 as a daily for 5/6 Months. Covered 15k miles and never saw below 65mpg. Bought for £1100 with 110k on the clock. Sold it for £800 with 125k. It had some history but was way over due a belt change but I never bothered as it wasn't worth my time.
Good daily, no power. Was terrible, get the 80. 65 was woeful, uphill roads were a constant worry!


ClioSport Club Member
my 65 felt faster than my 1.2 16v, It probably wasn't and just the torque that made it feel that way but as a daily it had no problem keeping up with traffic, you just didn't find yourself on the wrong side of the road overtaking 5 cars at once lol
  Nissan March G#
Thank you so much for your help everyone, I'm overwhelmed at how quickly you've answered all my questions!
I'll start looking for an 80 then :)
Unless of course a bargain 100/65 appears of course.
  Clio 182
To be honest I may be being a little to harsh on the 65. As @Martin_172 said, It wasn't bad, nothing dropping down a gear couldnt sort. My dialy commute was 40 miles each way, no.overtaking to be had but I wouldn't even attempt it ha.
Did what I needed it to do.

Strangely miss the diesel juddering!
  Nissan March G#
Maybe a drive would sway my mind. 80's seem to be rather rare. Found a lovely black one however. Need my 1.0 Micra to sell for some space.
  R5gtt, 182, volvo...
How do you know it's a 65-80-100?

There always dci's for sale but I think the women owners and the guys who only like to drive a to b as my dad says, haven't got a clue... They don't seem to list them correctly and as they're clueless..

I expect there are a few without the 100 in the title on eBay.
  BMW M4; S1000 RR
The badges (unless they were swapped) are:

65: silver dci
80: blue i
100: blue Ci

If i remember rightly that is!!

65 doesn't have an intercooler at all which you should be able to make out with the bonnet open.

Also you're playing with knives remapping the dci engines. I'm sure there are people with cars running ok but mine didn't like being remapped (i just had it taken off instead of trying to get it working ok in the end).


ClioSport Club Member
remapping is fine if you use a company with a good reputation, suppose its the same with all cars these days! ive had 3 mapped DCi's and they have all drove so much better, giving better economy!
  Renault Clio DCI 65
All depends on your needs fella.
They're all similar, just 65/80/100 (slowish/normal/quickerthannorm)
Currently drive a DCi 65 for the work commute. £189 a year insurance. £30 a year tax. 70mpg constant.
Its doing me well and I'm happy with it.
I was in the same position as you..looking for a DCi, mine needed to have 4 doors, and be 30 miles from my address and under £1,000, and not in a stand out colour ( bright blue/Red ).
It also needed to have a long MOT, good service history and be in original spec with no mods etc.
One popped up and it was a 65bhp, so thats the one i went for. Can't go wrong for 1k and under.


ClioSport Club Member
that's a dci 106 with the 6 speed box, more expensive road tax on them £120 from memory, the mk3 in general is 10mpg worse off like for like driving conditions *GOING BY THE TRIP COMPUTER* not so sure real life but not quite as good.

however they are generally a bit more reliable fuel system wise, its a slightly better system, much much more torque, bit quicker, nicer place to be, handle better, better stereo etc etc etc
I kick about in a 2010 86 and it's an awesome car to drive.

Enough poke so you don't look silly and does 600 to a tank getting driven flat out.
  Nissan March G#
Bought one yesterday!
... and it broke down on the way home. Fantastic...
loss of power and lots of smoke coming from the engine bay. We think it may be a fuel leak?

  Clio 172
Same happened as in my 172 broke down on the way home. Wasn't happen but sold as seen and all that jazz. It sucks but its just one of them things, at least once you fix it, it's fixed
  Clio 172
I would at least speak to trading standards, I did and if in the advert it stats anything about it being mechanically sound ect and a mechanic can prove otherwise, you have a case. So any sign of a temporary fix ect
  Nissan March G#
Just gotta take the hit I guess gents :/
Cars home now. I work in retail so only get 3 days off for Xmas and new year, gonna attempt the HG with my dad, would be a lot cheaper... Cars basically scrap anyway so doesn't matter if it goes wrong.
Otherwise replacement engine time, seems to be about £400 for one. Just replacing like for like, shouldn't be too bad. We did it on our road rally car!
Lol, sensible daily....
  R5gtt, 182, volvo...
I just hate the costs that mount up, it'll need new belts etc, oil, and then anything that's replaceable while doing the gasket..

Any idea why it went? Just age?

The Crumb Master

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
If you don't want to spend the money, Get the head skimmed, new head gasket set, fluid service, then punt it on.

Doing belts etc is pointless (from a cost point of view) unless you're keeping it for years to come.
  Nissan March G#
Haven't had time/money to start this yet.. Gonna sit there for a while first! Cheers for the replies.