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Coil Pack issue

  Clio 182
Hi All,

First time Post, so go easy on me. Love the forum!

Just a bit of advice really.

My Clio 182 started to loose all power and idle crap. Got home and pulled each of the plugs from the coil pack 1 at a time. 2 of the plugs are sparking and in turn when the plugs are pulled the engine cuts out. 2 of the plugs have no spark and do nothing when removed. So its running on 2 cylinders. I assumed the coil pack so bought a new NGK coil pack and this made no difference. Changed the plugs. No difference. Checked the coil pack plug. 12v at the thick white wire when the car is running. Will I see a voltage on the other 2 when the car is running? I assume trigger wires from cyl 2+3 and the other wire is 1+4. Can't see any volts.

Any help would be great before I fire the parts cannon at it!