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couple of problems with gaming pc

bob the builder

ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
hi hopefully there are some clever people on here that know everything about computers.
for xmas i got my son a gaming pc. i went for a hand built one as you get better spec for the money.
now i am crap with stuff like this so i got my boss at work to check it out which he did and updated it all for me.
It was all working great for a couple of days until he turned it off then when he turned it back on there was no signal to the tv (lg 4k smart tv). tried turning on off but nothing worked so i got a pc monitor from work and tried that and it worked, but for some reason it wouldnt boot up and would just load up the bios screen.
turns out it had lost the m2 drive with windows 10.
i got another m2 drive and a flash drive with windows on but for some reason the computer wouldnt recognise the m2 drive. after losts of messing around i gave up and added another hard drive and loaded windows onto that.
so computer is up and running again (but with no m2 drive) but for some reason if we shut down the pc when we turn it back on there is no signal to the tv. if we leave the pc on and let it sleep then its fine.
if it is connected to the monitor then it works fine if you shut it down
can anyone help with why it does this and if i can fix it?
also is there any way to fix the m2 drive.

many thanks rob.
pc spec; intel i7 6700 quad core
nividia geforce gtx 980 hall of fame edition
16gb ram
2tb hard drive and another hard drive that i added
m2 drive with samsung 120gb ssd
msi b150 pc mate mother board

bob the builder

ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
You sure it's the M2 drive thats fucked and not the motherboard?
nope , lol.
when it first s**t itself it would recongise the m2drive but when i got a new ssd it then wouldnt find the drive so i tried putting the original one back in but still wouldnt find it.
i thought it might be something to do with the mother board but was hoping it was just being rubbish with computers.
thanks rob

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
How's the 980 connected to the TV? Via HDMI or DP? I'm assuming it's the former? If it's DP - there's an update tool that I've used before that has been helpful...

Any idea what version the BIOS currently is compared to the latest one? I'm a massive advocate of having the PC running the latest BIOS release (bar beta) and ensuring that that isn't a problem to begin with. We had one at work a while back that wouldn't even POST correctly until the BIOS was updated.

bob the builder

ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
yes connected with hdmi cable
have the updater from msi and updated the bios through that so all up to date as far as i know.