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Id say.........loads!

Depends how well you want it doing you could probably get it done for less than a grand but i doubt itd be a really good job. Id say 2 grand for a good fit and good spray job !

What condition is the kit in? Has it been fitted to another car? It will need a good bodyshop to fit it properly because I doubt it is an easy job, not with those phat arches!!
  BMW 320d Sport

Very good price for the kit as long as its brand new and unused. Worth buying just to sell to someone else for £800!

But fitting a wide arch kit is a bit more of a job than a pair of corner splitters - I assume you know that if youre thinking about it! But it will cost you a few quid for the fitting if youre not doing it yourself plus you will need some really wide wheels or run huge spacers, or negative offset or something. Wont be kind to your suspension!

spot on Nick, most of these conversions are half hearted, be prepared to actually LENGTHEN the suspension geometry (Bloody difficult on a macphearson strut system, but very possible.)

Spacers from the hub outwards are ok for about 10-15 mm at most, after that you WILL be asking for trouble - the same applies to wheel ofsets too.

you will need to space the complete hub(s) outwards to do it correctly.
  350z & 16v Maxi

Wheels are not that bad to sort out. You can get split rims which will fit fine bit harder to get 1 piece tho, Im getting mine custom made. You can buy actual Dimma wheels but think they are very expensive. Im putting a maxi kit on and I worked out the offsets needed. On 18" it is 7.5" wide ET15 at the front with 225/35 tyres and 8.5" wide ET5 at the back with 245/35 tyres. On 17" it is 8" with ET10 at the front and 9" with ET0 at the back not sure on the tyre sizes. Dont know how the arches compare on the Maxi to the Dimma. I am paying just over 2g to get it fitted. Also I think the willy wheel base is wider so you could consider a conversion. Dont know how easy it is tho.