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Electronic fault Dashlight issue stays on when Key ignition is half turn

  Renault Clio 1.2 16v
Hi guys I have a Renault clio, 2005 1.2 16V petrol.

A couple of days ago I turned my car over and the car ran really rough, and came with the electronic fault dash light symbol.
I restarted the car and it went back to feeling more normal, more power, less erratic.

So I've been noticing a strange pattern ever since..

If I have turn key half way in the ignition, most of the time the dash lights will flicker on and disappear within seconds.

Other times I'll turn the key half way and the dash lights will flicker on and off apart from the electronic fault dash which will stay on..
So simple off and half key again and it goes off.

Now if I start the car when that electronic fault dash is illuminated it forces the car into some limp mode..
So I tend to turn key half way to make sure the lights have gone off beforr I start engine

Any idea?