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  BMW 320d Sport

Err... go to the garage and tell them that its gone mad since you had the software updated and they better bloody fix it double quick?
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Gone mad????

Some items are no longer displayed? Just dashes??

Since software update? Which one??? Didnt know one existed??

To reset the trip computer, try this.

Press and hold the button on the end of the wiper switch, then turn on the ignition. The trip computer should now enter self test mode, you should see the screen with all charactors present and it will cycle one by one. Youll see what I mean!

Press the button on the wiper switch again to see the contents of the fuel tank in litres. Press again to see road speed in metres/sec - should read zero! You are parked!

Press again to see the fault codes. You may see DJHC or similar, or just some dashes _ _ _ _ or _D__H. Doesnt matter which.

Press the trip recorder button in the speedo binacle to reset the computer. You will need to drive at least 0.3 miles to reactivate all the functions.

Hope that explains it and hope it works now. Let me know if it was successful.


  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Forget that - didnt read your post correctly. Chatting on the phone while reading it! Soz.

Temp gauge? No idea whats wrong - take it back!

Why did you need to update the temperature software? Was there all of a suden (without anyone else noticing it) a new temperature system invented that you just had to have on your car?

Hello Mr officer. I am sorry my car just drove off on its own and ran over that old women. But I have just recently updated my ECU software to 4.2 BETA and it seems to have a few bugs in it.

I am only pulling your leg mate, but I am interested why you updated your temp software.

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Now I have had time to read your post while not on the phone! I may offer the following comments.

We are talking your EXTERNAL temperature gauge?

If it reads -40 then it has an open circuit (broken wire or poor connection)

If it reads +140 then it has a short circuit to + or earth. If it just reads erractically, then its probably just a faulty sensor. Its located in the N/S door mirror, the little black bump protruding from the underside of the mirror.

The ECU update is in no way responsible for this error in operation.

Take it back to your dealer and tell them exactly what symtoms the gauge is showing as that will help them a great deal.


Its very hard to tell but the transision from Cold to Warm running seems a little better!

Still worried about the lumpiness and how much to let the beast warm up?

Hope this doesnt mean that I need a new door mirror, asCup parts are like rocking horse sh*t........