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Finally free to drive my car for fun


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
I've had my Clio since February and since then I've taken it out and driven it in anger ONCE. Work commitments plus having to look after two kids have meant that my only time for spirited driving has been my 10 minute commute to work, when my car hasn't even warmed up enough to rev past 6800rpm. Needless to say this has been a little annoying. Luckily I'm on holiday from Monday until the 18th of August, and my missus has taken both kids on holiday until the 24th.
I need suggestions for decent driving roads around the Leeds area (I had a blast up to Bolton Abbey a while back and thought those tight roads were a perfect fit for the Clio), and also some car meets around the area because I'm home alone and need to go and speak to humans or I'll go insane, there's a limit on how much videogames and porn one can consume in 18 days and I don't want the missus to return to a withered husk of a man in front of the TV!
Help me, you're my only hope!