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Gen 90 ECU MAP sensor wiring

  Transit Custom,
I do plenty of wiring jobs on many different brands of cars as a hobby and I have been asked to wire up a MAP sensor to a Clio. Please bear with me, its not my car and I'm no expert on Clios. I got involved when the owner asked me to wire in a digital dash to the car. He can now turbo charged it and wants me to wire in the MAP. I can not find the pin info for it anywhere and K-tec say they would have to see the car to help. All I know is it is a Phase 2 182 Clio. I have done a search of this forum and found two pdf documents for the Gen 90 ECU, both show pin 15 as MAP sensor earth, but no other info. Can someone confirm if this is actually the signal wire from the MAP and the love and earth for the sensor being wired separately?

Many thanks