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Greetings from the north

Hello everyone!

I'm new around here, i just joined a few days ago as i am looking for some advise and hints.
Technically i don't own a clio yet, but if everything goes as planned i will be picking one up in the comming week. Have had my eyes set on a 172 ph1 for some time and finally found a dealer in my area that has one (they are somewhat rare here in Sweden for some reason). So right now i'm just waiting for the funds to transfer and then i'm off to see if it's all i hope it is.

Anyways, just wanted to say hi. I figured i would ask my questions over in the 'Clio discussion' section so they end up in the right place (i hope ;) ).



ClioSport Club Member
Welcome, and look forward to seeing pictures of the car.

Pay the £12 and sign up to be a full member. The guides section on here will save you a LOT more than that in garage fees. You also get discount in places too.