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Hello, thanks and a Q

Just want to say hello again, after my first couple of posts the system wouldnt let me log in again so ive spent the last couple of weeks trying to get back on. Because of this problem i didnt have chance to thank everyone for their advice on whether to import or not, cheers guys.

I have decided to source my 172 from the UK, purely for piece of mind, even though loads of you have imported 172s trouble free, its due now on 16th Dec and from what you lot say its more than worth the wait! It should be a bit of a shock to the system seeing that im driving a saxo westcoast at the moment!

Anyway just wanted to say hi and thanks again

oh yeah, i forgot the question. My mates have a Mg ZR 160, a 306 gti6 and a mini cooper between them and im just wondering how the clio will fair against them.

I know itll toast the mini cos i drive my mums quite often but im not so sure about the other two. Anyone played around with either of these?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Itll be a good thrash with the Pug and the MG - the Minis not really in the same league. Youd beat the lot of em around a track though.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Scalped an MG 160, pretty close and they are a good car, never tangled with a 306 though. On paper you have the fastest car, but with the pug and MG it is close enough for the driver abilities to be the deciding factor. Should be fun finding out though.