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Hi all, im a newbie....

  AB 182-GTI-6-205 GTI
Hello all,

I'm Stu, just looking to buy a 182 so thought i'd register to gain a bit of info :)

As soon as i buy something ill be posting pics and such, but for now im off to research ;)



ClioSport Club Member
  TCR'd 172
Welcome mate worth joining up for the info alone !
Not many rbs in stourbridge :)
  AB 182-GTI-6-205 GTI
Thanks for all the welcomes guys, ive just paid my subs so am a full member now, first time for me paying for a forum but theres just so much information on here it looks like money well spent!

As its a nice weekend im hoping to get the car cleaned up today so ill post some pics when im done..