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Hi everyone. New to the Forum.

  Ph 2 Clio172
Hi everyone, Iv just :approve: Having purchased a 2002 Black Cliosport 172 yesterday my knowledge on these cars is absolute ZERO!!! hahaha, So im hoping im in the right place for any queries or Problemsolving questions i may have for you, any response on "shedding some light" on the matter would be much appreciated!!! like i have mentioned i hardly know anything about these cars as my attention has always been towards German cars..... MK4 Golf GTI's & Audi's. However i have always been keen since passing my test (about 9 years ago) on having a Clio172, the time has come. I would be confident to say the general condition of the car is fairly good to my knowledge as the gearbox seems smooth, clutch seems fine and im impressed with how powerful the engine is...... goes like a rocket. Its completely standard, 85000 miles on the clock, cambelt was done at 60000 miles. Cosmetic wise the steering wheel has got general wear n tear (thumb grips still intact though). seats in good condition no rips or tears. Body wise id say in good condition for 10year old motor, just odd stone chip, sctatch etc.

A couple of queries for you.....
* How often does the cambelt need replacing?
* Generally what to look for and keep maintained

Another query i have for you all as one of the Xenon lights has gone, so how much would it be and where to go to get it replaced, as i know these are not a simple fix as my Audi TT Xenon light went (Halfords wouldnt touch it too Complex) so took it to Audi.... big mistake as cost me roughly £100 FOR A LIGHTBULB!! Also i'll be changing the sidelights too as one of the previous owners decided to put Blue bulbs in, looks stupid!! Any help on the subject i would be grateful.

Thanks again. Adam (apologies for the Essay type post)


ClioSport Admin
Welcome Adzi. Do a search for you queries on the belts and your xenon bulb. They are frequently asked questions and there's tons of threads covering them. You'll find this forum an encyclopaedia of knowledge when it comes to these cars. Welcome to CS mate.

Oh by the way, what area do you live in?
  Mk2 Ph2 172
Welcome matey

How long ago was the timing belt done???

Steering wheel can be re trimmed I got mine done for £119 ;) pm if you want details where !
  Ph 2 Clio172
Hi there, to be honest the steering wheels doesn't bother me, however if the thumb grips were hanging off then i think id have to sort it mate. The details would be much appreciated though bud as if i do decide to get it done i will know where. The cambelt was done at roughly 60000 miles, so about 25000 miles ago.
A xenon should be about 65kwid. Had to do one of mine a few months ago and the power pack went as well. Pricey little things them xenons.
  Ph 2 Clio172
Thanks Pastieman. iv been searching the net trying to find the correct Original Xenon bulb for the 172.... im confused as theres different types to what people say, also some are saying you have to take the front bumper off to get to the light. so in simple terms can anyone help point me in the right direction as to what correct bulb to match the other side, where to get one and would a local garage be able to fit it or is it a Renault dealer job. Thanks again, everyones input so far as been much appreciated.
  Ph 2 Clio172
Thanks 182Oxford. Apologies if this sounds stupid but how do you mean the 2 sides are diffrent? also if you dont mind me askin how much roughly was it at the Renault specialist? cheers.
  Ph 2 Clio172
Hi, is anyone heading down the M1 for the FCS Show on sunday im at Jct 27 so could possibly jump in a convoy and head down.